What is a Dry Scrubber and is it Advantageous to Use?


By definition, a dry scrubber system is one of the various types of scrubber designed to be used for separating and removing harmful materials from the exhaust gases produced by industrial plants and establishments. The purpose is obvious: to make sure that the gas being released to the environment has minimum amount of stuff that can harm the earth. While there obviously are other types of scrubbers, it no longer is a secret that the dry gas variety is the most preferred by industrial plants.

In theory, Callisto Dry Scrubber work in the same way as other scrubbers do, but it is distinctive in a way that several dry substances will be used in order to separate the acidic gases, the same gases that produce acid rain when released to the environment.

For the most part, this system operates through a collection of dry reagents, which are sprayed into the exhaust steam. There is an expected variation on how chemicals will react and the difference lies on the type of material they intend to separate or remove. There are materials designed to counteract the presence of harmful pollutants in the stream by way of a natural chemical reaction. On the other hand, there are times when the dry mixtures will cause a specific material to react and convert into another type of substance.

There are several good reasons why industrial plants and establishments are leaning towards the use of dry gas scrubbing compared to older and conventional ways. First of all, using it corresponds to a rather positive impact to the environment. It is crucial for industrial plants to be able to remove harmful and hazardous materials from exhaust gases because it is by far the most cost-efficient way of preventing the release of pollutants to the air. Therefore, dry scrubbing is in a way a major contributor in curbing air pollution.

Compared to wet scrubbers, Callisto Dry Scrubber is more advantageous because they produce minimal waste material. While there in fact is waste material produced, it is mainly sprayed into the exhaust and what happens is that it is naturally burned off due to the heat in the stream. The rest will then be filtered and will never be released outside.

Finally, using dry scrubbers is a lot more cost-effective because there are no additional costs that are commonly associated with the removal, transport, and storage of waste water produced in wet scrubbing.


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