The Importance of Scrubbers In Controlling Pollution


Scrubbers are devices which are used to control pollution by removing particles. A scrubber can also be used as a cleaner in an industry to clean the chimney. It makes use of a liquid type of material to remove the unwanted pollutant from the gas stream. Scrubbers are two kinds, but they are all used to eliminate waste particles. The first is the wet scrubber which is used to clean air, flue gas, other gasses, and effluents. A wet scrubber is used in cleaning dust particles that an industry releases into the air. Their works involve adding more water into these waste gasses which results in the visible style of a plume.

The Dry Gas Scrubber also minimizes the number of harmful gasses that are released in the air. The wet scrubber removes ammonia and hydrogen chloride which are toxic gasses. The other type of scrubber is the dry scrubber. These dry scrubbers are used to get rid of acid gasses. Acid gasses are harmful when inhaled by people and animals. Some of the acid gasses include sodium and hydrogen chloride. The purity of the atmosphere is maintained by these scrubbers. In dry scrubbers, there is one type of dry type of scrubbing system.

Dry Exhaust Gas Scrubbers systems make use of dry reagents to remove the harmful pollutants from the exhaust system. Some dry scrubber reagents will chemically react and in turn, neutralize the contaminants while other dry scrubber reagents will react with these harmful substances and change them into forms that can only be collected by filters and then disposed of. The resulting content from dry gas scrubbers is easy and simple to remove when compared to the wet gas scrubbers. This is because liquid substances in wet scrubbers are more problematic to transport and manage.

While both dry and wet scrubber systems perform the same primary function, the forms in which each type of system is entirely different. The wet scrubbers either use water or chemically based liquids or combinations of both on getting rid of the contaminants from the gas used in industrial exhaust systems. The resulting liquid from wet scrubbers is dangerous to the environment, and it is therefore removed and disposed of careful and accurate ways. Because of dealing with potentially harmful end products, great care must be observed when disposing and handling of the resulting waste substances from both wet scrubbers and dry gas scrubbers.


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